How Science Works

What can science claim? How does it work? What can’t science do? What pitfalls exist in science? How should science be communicated?

My scientific method for data science:

  1. Define problem
  2. Preliminary research
  3. Hypothesis or inductive reasoning
  4. Design experiment or query
  5. Collect data
  6. Analyze results
  7. Make claims using deductive reasoning
  8. Post methods, data, reproducible steps
  9. Publish conclusions

1. Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science? – National Geographic
2. Science Isn’t Broken. – Five Thirty Eight
3. Hilary Putnam on the Philosophy of Science – Men of Ideas
4. Clever Hans – Skeptics Dictionary
5. HARKing: Hypothesizing After the Results are Known – Personality and Social Psychology Review
6. Hume’s Problem: Induction and the Justification of Belief – Oxford University Press

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