Why Our Children Don’t Believe There are Moral Facts

The New York Times article can be found: HERE

Religious folks seem to complain about this often. That without God we’d all be self-propelled heathens only after our own self-interests. I find this to be a bit of an old chestnut argument.

That is to say: You can’t claim morality without inserting this old chestnut into it!

I kid, I kid, I jokes with you. But seriously…. something is wrong here and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

I tend to think that what is happening  is that relativism is being poorly treated. It’s being seen as a method by which Justin P. McBrayer’s observes; people use to categorize opinions. This is not the foundation of relativism at all. It’s a total abuse of the term and where we can start correcting this, is in the school system.

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